Price List June 2015

It has been 4 years since our last price review. So, hardly surprisingly… Yes, you’ve guessed it. We cannot continually swallow the ever increasing overheads that small businesses have to pay. Materials, utilities, wages, taxes, inspections, etc (we even have to pay for a licence just to have the radio on in the workshop) the list goes on… and because of this the prices must go up a bit.

We have done very well to maintain our prices for 4 years. I doubt many other instrument makers have managed that. How much? You’re asking. Well, not a lot when spread over 4 years. The average works out at close to 2% per year which I think you’ll agree is not much. This still makes a new Taylor extremely good value when compared to other makers in this sector.

What are the new prices?

Here goes….

All Sterling prices include vat at GB rate.

For Euros please convert current exchange against the Sterling price.

Taylor Chicago VR - X-Lite - Lite - Standard

Raw Brass

£ 2910 GB Sterling

$ 4595 US Dollars


£ 3300 GB Sterling

$ 5226 US Dollars

Taylor Chicago Custom - Phat Boy and Standard Flugelhorn

Raw Brass

£ 3510 GB Sterling

$ 5250 US Dollars


£ 3930 GB Sterling

$ 5975 US Dollars

Taylor Pocket Pro 2

Raw Brass

£ 1620 GB Sterling

$ 2495 US Dollars


£ 1915 GB Sterling

$ 2950 US Dollars


Gold plated

£ 115 GB Sterling

$ 210 US Dollars

Custom Shop

All Custom Shop work priced individually to specifications.

All prices are plus carriage.

Customs duties outside the EU are the responsibility of the buyer.

UK Assisted purchase scheme is recognised.

Trade ins are welcome (even non trumpets… Try us!)

Purchasers statutory legal rights apply against faulty workmanship so long as only normal wear and tear is evident. Any damage will be taken into account when assessing any compensation. By law the manufacturer (or suppliers) first stage of recourse is to attempt to repair the fault, not replace the item. Please be aware of this in the unlikely event of action being requested.