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Here at Taylor we realise what a pain it can be when you have found the new instrument you want, only to be given a what seems an insulting trade-in offer on your old instrument,.or left with the prospect of trying to sell it privately. The private sale route might raise more money but involves time and energy on your part, placing ads in the local papers, putting a card in the shop window and asking anyone and every one if they want to buy a used horn.

Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes it drags on for ages and the price gets lower and lower. You have to stop paying the fee to advertise in the locals or you'll loose even more money. In the end you either give up, convince yourself you can live without the new horn, or you go back to the music store and eat humble pie. The store manager then has the cheek to offer you even less this time, as it's three months older now! Do you take it, or buy a cheaper horn, or keep playing the old one?

Does this all sound a bit to familiar? If it does then help might be at hand.
We at Taylor will offer you a fixed price trade in deal for your old horn.

It works like this.

We will give you better than you could get for an average private sale, against a new Taylor Chicago Model Trumpet or Flugelhorn. This can easily amount to more than double the usual music store trade in deals.

You will need to be trading in a Pro model instrument. The valves will need to be in good working order and be reasonably airtight for its age. Small dents and creases, reasonable wear and tear, odd missing parts, flaking, worn, discoloured or missing lacquer or silver plate does not matter. It must be in a reasonable condition (not necessarily mint) and be in playable order.

The trade in price offered is based on one trumpet being traded in. Two, or more may be considered, but at a reduced rate.

See if yours in on the list below to check trade in allowance.

Bach Strad (any 180 ML)


Bach Strad (Vindabona)


Bach Strad (Large bore)

$ 900-00
Bach Strad (Mount Vernon 1953-1965) $1300-00
Bach Strad (New York 1924-1953) $1600-00
Bach Strad 183 Flugelhorn $1100-00

Benge (Pre UMI)


Benge (Post UMI)

$ 900-00

Besson (Paris)

Besson (London) $ 900-00
Besson (Kanstul) $ 750-00
Blackburn $1500-00




Conesnon (Older Flugels) $1100-00

Conn (So many models!!)

please ask
Courtois (Prestige & Evo I) $1100-00
Courtois (Evo II and Up) $1300-00

Flip Oaks Wild Thing $1300-00
Getzen (Pro models) $ 800-00
Holton (Pro models) $ 750-00
Inderbinden please ask
Kanstul (Pro models) $ 900-00
King (Silver bell models) $1100-00
King (Brass Pro models) $ 750-00

Lawler $1000-00
Martin Committee (Older) $1100-00
Martin Committee (Newer) $ 800-00
Monette (Why are you trading??) please ask

Olds (Older pro models)


Smith Watkins



Selmer (Older pro models) $ 900-00
Stomvi (Elite) $ 1000-00
Yamaha (Pro models) $ 750-00

All prices shown are in US Dollars.

Euro and Sterling equivalents would be honoured.
(Subject to relevant European Tax requirements)


Would like a new Taylor Chicago Standard II
Taylor List price including carriage $4250-00
Trade in allowance for Bach 180 ML $1000-00
Amount you pay $3250-00 (includes carriage)

Its that simple! A quick chat on the phone is all that should be needed to check things over. Please email rough details to and include your name, a daytime phone number and Zip code please, or fill in the enquiry form on the contact page and we can proceed. Your new Taylor could soon be a reality.

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