Taylor Mouthpieces

There are two different fittings. One specifically for Taylor Instruments and the other to fit nearly every other trumpet. This page covers the Taylor Trumpet Fit. Please state which fitting you want when filling in the request form. Thank you.

These are top quality, no nonsense mouthpieces for players who work in the real world. Made in house by one of the worlds most respected Trumpet makers.

There are two styles in the trumpet range. The first is the bread and butter mouthpiece. This will cover about 80% of what trumpeters ‘actually’ play. No rocket science here, C style cups, in the most popular diameters. A very comfortable rim profile that doesn’t tire the player and enough weight to make your trumpet work efficiently, giving it a big, powerful sound. Solid brass, hand engraved with a brushed body and polished rim, finished in gold plate for a distinctive look. Each mouthpiece has more time spent on it by human beings than robots, so every mouthpiece has the feel of real craftsmanship.

The second is the commercial variant, not specifically a ‘lead’ mouthpiece, more for good all round use with the emphasis toward commercial playing. The slightly shallower cup with a more pronounced ‘shoulder’ to the profile helps the upper register while maintaining good low range and usable dynamics.

These mouthpieces work well as matched pairs. Players today need to cover a wide range of musical bases. Matched rims make the change from one mouthpiece to the other much easier. There is enough crossover in the dynamics of the mouthpieces not to trip you up during the pressure of the gig.

Why the limited range? With more than 30 years experience dealing with musicians I’ve learnt that most players don’t deviate very far from these sizes. These will work comfortably for the majority of players.

Watch the making of a Mouth Piece by hand!

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Taylor Polished and brushed Taylor Polished and brushed Taylor Polished and brushed
Taylor Polished Taylor Polished Taylor Polished

L (Large) Similar in size to a 1C. Broad open sound.
L2 Same rim as L but with a shallower cup.
Easier high register for those who like a wider cup.
ML (Med-Large) Similar in size to a 1 1/2C. Very popular size.
Classic big sound.
ML2 Same rim as ML but with a shallower cup.
Good for upper register without loosing body in the sound.
Plenty of power and volume.
M (Medium) Similar in size to a 3C. Excellent all round mouthpiece.
M2 Same rim as M but cup profiled to suit more commercial
playing styles. A dependable high range mouthpiece.
S (Small) Similar in size to 10C.
For those who prefer smaller mouthpieces.

When ordering a Taylor trumpet we realise that one of the above sizes may not fit your mouthpiece requirement, so we will also make ‘one of a kind’ copies of your favourite mouthpiece in this style. We need your mouthpiece to copy from. This will be returned along with the new copy in the same condition we receive it. One mouthpiece of your choice (which can be a Custom piece) is included in the price of your new Taylor instrument. Extra mouthpieces will be charged as below.

There are also matching flugelhorn mouthpieces to the range.

These use basically the same rims as the M, ML and L trumpet mouthpieces so changing from one instrument to the other doesn’t mean a change of feel on the lip. What makes the Taylor flugelhorn mouthpiece different is that it combines the more comfortable ‘American’ style rim profile to the deeper cup and short backbore style of the ‘European’ type. The result is a true flugel sound, and its very comfortable to play. Taylor flugel mouthpieces are plated in the same 24ct hard gold as the trumpet mouthpieces.

Prices are a very reasonable:

$210 US Dollars

£115 Sterling (Excluding Vat)

You can now order on line.

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