Taylor Mouthpieces

A range of mouthpieces that cover most playing requirements. There are also Custom options.

There are two different fittings. One specifically for Taylor Instruments and the other to fit nearly every other trumpet.

Please choose which page to view based on what trumpet you play.

Mouthpieces for any other make of trumpet

Please state which fitting you want when filling in the request form. Thank you.

These are top quality, no nonsense mouthpieces for players who work in the real world. Made in house by one of the worlds most respected Trumpet makers.

There are also matching flugelhorn mouthpieces to the range.

These use basically the same rims as the M, ML and L trumpet mouthpieces so changing from one instrument to the other doesn’t mean a change of feel on the lip. What makes the Taylor flugelhorn mouthpiece different is that it combines the more comfortable ‘American’ style rim profile to the deeper cup and short backbore style of the ‘European’ type. The result is a true flugel sound, and its very comfortable to play. Taylor flugel mouthpieces are plated in the same 24ct hard gold as the trumpet mouthpieces.

Prices are a very reasonable:

$210 US Dollars

£115 Sterling (Excluding Vat)

The Illusive Taylor Trumpet's Mouth Piece

Watch the making of a Mouth Piece by hand!

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