Taylor Hyrbids

We have been doing this service for a number of years now. Now, in times of having to watch the pennies this service makes a lot of sense to the more money cautious. Due to an increase in the popularity of this type of conversion, we decided to go public with it and offer it to every one and not just within the trade.

So, how does it work?

Simple really. You supply us with your trumpet, and we hybridize it. Works extremely well on Bach Strads and Pro Yamahas. Indeed, any decent Pro model trumpet can be enhanced by these conversions.

If your old Strad is getting a little tired round the edges and could do with an overhaul then this is the ideal time to get this job done. Chances are it’ll need some dent work removal, resurfacing, maybe a leadpipe replacement and refinish. Pay for all that and you’ve covered more than half the cost of the Taylor hybrid conversion. Plus after the conversion your old Strad will play better, look better, feel better ‘and’ importantly, increase its resale value probably to above the extra spent on the conversion. Bit of a win win situation on an older horn!

What if your Strad (or other pro horn) is still in good shape and you just want to have it supercharged and give it a facelift? That’s fine to as you’ll miss out on some of the overhaul cost and just have the upgrades. You’ll still gain on resale and have a better horn to play as well.

What can be done?

Sky’s the limit really. Mild to wild. Check the two pictures. One Strad has had the more mild conversion including a Heavy cap set, Phat rings, Phat receiver, Amados, hidden 3rd slide stop and fancy two tone gold lacquer finish. The other has gone a stage further with most of the above plus the Taylor one piece machined leadpipe system, heavier weight main tuning slide assembly, pearl buttons and a very fetching vintage tint lacquer. The second option has by this time taken on some of the playing characteristics of the Taylor range and transformed it at a very reasonable total outlay. If you already have the trumpet then the conversion cost is substantially less than that of a new Taylor trumpet and will get your feet on the Taylor ladder without breaking the bank.

Click the images to enlarge them:

Hybrid - Stage 1 Hybrid - Stage 2

How much will this cost?

Each instrument has to be quoted for separately but as a guide to main jobs this will help get a closer idea of total outlay.

Stage 1… Cap set, including buttons. 3 x Phat rings. 2 x Amados. 3rd slide stop conversion. Change mouthpiece receiver for new longer heavier receiver. Removal of old parts, supply new parts and fitting… £575 Sterling or $900 USD

Stage 1 will also include ‘minor’ repairs needed to make good where the conversion needs to be done. Repair work not included would be major dent removal, broken joints, bent brace work etc… all solder work will be cleaned to new, however refinishing (lacquer or plate) is not included. See price list for these options.

Stage 2… All of stage one except mouthpiece receiver replacement. Instead new one piece machined leadpipe with built in mouthpiece receiver replaces old leadpipe and receiver….. £675 Sterling or $1050 USD

Stage 2+… Same as stage 2 ‘plus’ complete semi-circular main tuning slide assembly to match the machined leadpipe..... £825 Sterling or $1275 USD

Extra repair work as mentioned above also applies to Stage 2 conversions.

Finishing… Skies the limit here, but a plain part polished, part brushed with clear lacquer is… £300 Sterling or $475 USD
Vintage tint or gold lacquer… £330 Sterling or $525 USD
Silver Plate… £330 Sterling or $535 USD
Gold highlights… Priced at time due to gold price fluctuations.
Custom paint and artwork… Priced by complexity of finish required and artwork.

Extras… Mouthpiece to match….. £125 Sterling or $195 USD
Pearl inlays in finger buttons….. £50 Sterling or $75 USD
Extra engraving….. Priced to what’s involved.

Other cost you need to factor in is carriage or shipping. Prices include UK tax.

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