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Phoenix custom with Rectangular flare
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Every once in a while a new 'look' will turn up, a bold new design statement in its own field. Be it in the Fashion industry, Furniture, Automobiles, Perfume Bottles, Guitars, cycles, just about anything. What these visually eye-catching designs all have in common, is the ability to stop the observer in their tracks, and make them look a second, or third time.

You may not 'get it' to start with, but soon enough you see the elegant curves that were not there on normal trumpets, the graceful lines, the pure shock value of the larger details. Then, some of the smaller details start to register and you start to realise that this is no ordinary instrument.

Phoenix custom with Rectangular flare

You may see influences from products well removed from trumpets making a statement within the layout of the piece. You might like the concept immediately, you might be unsure, but you will keep looking and coming back for a second, or third look.

The 1967 Chevrolet Corvette had this effect on me many years ago. As did the Gibson Explorer guitar. More recently the Harley Davidson 'V-Rod' made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. What could I do to bring that kind of 'wow' factor to the trumpet, and keep it all very usable as well. I will not kid myself that this trumpet is any kind of ultimate, but if it can raise a few eyebrows, and get trumpeters talking and thinking from a different angle then it is all worth while.

Phoenix Std in Olive (Vintage Look) & Phoenix Custom in Red.
This trumpet is no showpiece. It is a reality. It's a great sounding, great playing, practical and fully functioning trumpet. If you can handle being noticed, then this is the place to look. Some of you want the edge image wise, well, what are you waiting for? And you can sound great into the bargain.

On the technical side, the 'Phoenix' is available in ML (.460") and L (.470") bores. The Standard 'Phoenix' has very subtle sheet bracing to emphasise the side shape profile. The Custom has the stylised flame cut out bracing on all four plate braces. All Phoenix models have 'forward slash' cut ferrules on the tuning slides (except on 2nd valve tuning slide, not enough room!)

The rectangular bell shown in photo is an optional extra (at extra cost) and does not effect the sound in any way. Flamed engraving on the bell on all models. The total weight of the Phoenix Custom comes in at slightly less than the Chicago Custom

All the internal tapers are based upon the tried and tested Chicago models, so you know it will play well. By doing less heat treating on this trumpet it has a slightly brighter sound making it more versatile than the darker Chicago Custom.

You can choose from the usual Taylor finishes including our new 'Olive' finish. This emulates that gorgeous colour found on trumpets 30-40 years old that have never been touched. It's darker, slightly greenish but very natural looking. The rare 'Vintage Find' look, and it suits the 'Phoenix' very well.

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