Since its introduction this flugelhorn has caused quite a stir within the business. It has gained an enviable reputation as being probably the best ‘players' flugelhorn on the market today. One thing is for sure; this flugelhorn will leave a lasting impression.

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Photos show standard Taylor Flugelhorns with red brass or optional copper bell.

The Taylor Flugelhorn was developed in conjunction with flugelhorn specialist Eddie Severn. The aim was to recreate the sound of the old French classics. It had to have that sound and be as reliable as possible. It has the very best modern valve block, with stainless steel pistons for dependability. The bore size is small, like the old French instruments.

Most modern flugels have a bell with a large throat area. This provides reasonable volume and projection. The big drawback to this, is that it makes the flugel sound more like a trombone. If that is the sound you want, fine. The main difference in the Taylor Flugelhorn is the smaller bell dimensions. This gives a sweeter, more subtle, 'airier' sound.

A smaller horn is easier to play because you don't need so much air to fill it. The tone comes together; the amount of 'air' you let into the sound becomes more controllable. It's less tiring to play, and the biggest bonus of all is improved intonation. If you are serious about the flugelhorn, and want more than 'a big fat trumpet on steroids', why not give the Taylor Flugelhorn a try?
Custom Flugelhorn
Photo shows a special order Custom Shop Flugelhorn made for Jazz musician Byron Wallen. It features a heavyweight naturally aged copper bell and branch for that gorgeous colour. The standard bell is either red or yellow brass.

Davie Howes Plays the New Taylor Vulcan Horn

So they say Brass instruments cannot be made with right angles??!!
All corners must be round?? I dont think so...look at this!! you wont believe it...

Played by Davie Howes of Norfolk UK

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