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The Jazzophone concept is a real blast from the past. We built this example because it hadn't been done for years and was a lot of fun. It was primarily used at exhibitions as a conversation piece. This horn served it purpose incredibly well and put a big smile on the face of anyone who saw it or was game enough to play it.

Jazzophone Heart

Compact Gold

Chicago Compact

This was built as a commission for a collector in Japan. This instrument is nearly seven inches shorter than a regular Bb trumpet.

Not only is it of compact dimensions, but it has an unusual feature for any Bb trumpet. It has a slide operated by the thumb of the left hand that can de-tune any note by up to a semitone. This enables the player to bend any note at will. A very novel, and with a little practice, usable feature. As the finishing touch, this Chicago Compact trumpet was plated in Satin Gold. This is a very playable and enjoyable instrument. A serious trumpet in a compact package.


Watching a plumber at work inspired the Renegade. I thought, how much easier my job would be if I could just bolt the trumpets together with compression fittings. The Renegade is not bolted together, but made to look like it is. Each of the hexagonal parts being machined individually from hex-stock bar. All the tapers and cylindrical sections are the same as our Chicago models to ensure this piece of musical sculpture plays every bit as well as our standard models. While this trumpet is very much a unique creation, some lessons were learnt from its manufacture that helped in the development of all our trumpets.

Renegade Join

The Red Trumpet

This trumpet was made as a tribute to the late Miles Davis. It was intended as very 90's tribute to the legendary player. We all know he made the red and gold Martin Committee famous, hence the red colour scheme. Instead of gold coloured engraving, it has variegated gold leaf scrollwork. It is accented by hand applied pinstripes in two colours. The pictures of Miles Davis are exquisitely done, airbrushed by a most talented artist.

The red colour is a special Candy apple mix that literally glows in natural sunlight. A finish more used to being seen on fancy motorcycle tanks, under a blazing Californian sun, it has been used to stunning effect on this trumpet. The intricate work is buried under the deep hand polished coats of tough lacquer.

The mouthpiece is also very special, built around a tapered hex-stock central shape, and decorated with gun barrel type engraving, and gold plated for good measure. The style of the horn is very contemporary, as we feel that Miles Davis was always at the leading edge of trumpet playing. He will always be an important influence, and is impossible to ignore.

This trumpet has been seen at several exhibitions and admired both for the quality of the craftsmanship and the sheer audacity in its creation.


Copper Custom

This is one of the Taylor Custom Shop's earlier pieces. Working with copper is not at all easy. However, it looks gorgeous when everything works out well. The result is pleasing to the eye, and has a warm fat sound, with a character all its own.  

This trumpet is more than a showpiece and is used daily by its proud professional owner.

Trumpet keys


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