Welcome to the current stock and demonstrator page. As the stock is constantly changing the best way to find out what is available at the time is to email using the link below. This email address will get you straight through to the workshop where the instruments are stored and so should give you a faster response. The amount of demonstrator discount is based on two main factors. How long its been on the shelf and how often its been played. Two weeks on the shelf and only a couple of play tests will only be offered with a minimal discount. An instrument we've had for while and has been used more and could have some minor handling marks can be sold with a bigger discount. Each instrument is priced by individual condition. Please note that the condition we are referring to will be at best 'as new' and at worst 'almost new'! Also worth considering is we will still take trades against demonstrator instruments, though we might not have quite such flexibility with the offer price as you are already getting a discount on the instrument.

email us at ronnieandrews69@aol.com

Cindy Valves Chicago Custom Andy Taylor Chicago copper standard finger buttons Taylor Trumpet being played at pyramids

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