Chicago X-Lite

In addition to the information on this page, if you haven't read it already, we also suggest that you check out the improvements we have made to the whole chicago range - you can do this on the Chicago Models page.

Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times about making a ‘lead’ horn that blows as openly as the regular Chicago models. Opens up in the upper register, a big strong solid sound, bright but not brittle, not heavy and happy with any mouthpiece.

Chicago X Lite

Tall order, but seeing how well the Chicago 46 Lite is received we thought this was a good step in that direction. So we have taken this a stage further with the X-Lite.

The actual valves are the same ones used in our other Chicago models for that super smooth and quiet action that is a trademark of all the Taylor instruments. The 2011 onward X-Lite also has the same ergonomic improvements as the rest of the Chicago range. (See main Chicago page).

Chicago X Lite Chicago X Lite

The internal tapers in the mouthpipe and bell are the same as the Chicago 46 Lite but the material for the bell is lighter for more ‘zing’. The mouthpipe on the regular Chicago’s is a solid machined one piece. On this model we have deliberately introduced some vibration into it. We have made the mouthpipe in very light gauge tube, then suspended it at each end inside a stiff but light nickel outer sleeve. This means it is totally free to vibrate along its entire length as it is not touching the 2nd valve brace, or being damped by your right hand. The main tuning slide assembly is also made from lighter gauge materials, as are the outer legs of the tuning slide. The result is a trumpet that almost anticipates the note!

Chicago X Lite Chicago X Lite

The Chicago 46 Lite has introduced more players to the fold who now realise that here at Taylor we also make some extremely versatile trumpets as well. This new model gives the option of going the extra mile. You can now have bright and light, or dark and weighty, or somewhere in between. All with the renowned playability and build quality you’ve come to expect with a Taylor.

Chicago X Lite Chicago X Lite

The X-Lite is a .460” ML bore trumpet. It’s free blowing enough and doesn’t need the extra size of the Larger bore. We would recommend it be finished either Raw brass or Silver Plated (or Gold if you feel the need) to allow it to ‘breathe’. However, you are the customer and any of the finish options can be applied to this trumpet. At Taylor you always have a choice.

So, how much lighter is the X-Lite? Read the list below to see just by how much.

Chicago 46 Standard 3 lbs 13 ounces (1.75 kilo)
Chicago 46 Lite 3 lbs 3 ounces (1.45 kilo)
Chicago 46 X-lite 2 lbs 10 ounces (1.2 kilo)

Now all you have to do is get your hands on one. Give it a try and see what it could do for you.


Chicago X-Lite

Bore ML (.460”)
Valves Stainless steel
Valve case knuckles All nickel
Bell Diameter 133mm (nominal)
Bell Material Yellow brass
Bell Thickness Thinner gauge
Leadpipe Sleeved lightweight tube pipe
Cap Set Lightweight
Tuning Slides Regular thickness tube
Construction Unstressed
Bracing Standard

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