Chicago Options

Over and above the standard Chicago models there are some options you can consider. Some very simple like repositioning the finger rings to suit ‘your’ hand position, or maybe some beautiful coloured pearl finger button inlays.

Another option could be to have the leadpipe of bell, or even both canted as on this special Taylor Chicago Custom Shop trumpet built for ‘Samvel’. This is a novel approach to the Dizzy thing. Bending both the leadpipe and the bell you can achieve quite an acute angle and the trumpet still looks streamlined and contained. This special ‘Samvel’ model also has the optional copper bell and a copper sleeved solid leadpipe, yes we can bend the solid machined leadpipe!

Yet another option is the 9 sided fluted bell. This is a never done before (as far as we know!) option on a trumpet. Very trick sheet metal work, but well worth the effort. Does not affect the sound at all.

We are sure there will be more options as time goes by and we will do our best to keep you updated on these as they become reality. Watch out for the screw in mouthpieces and screw thread receiver… and the trumpet will still accept mainstream mouthpieces as well!

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