Chicago 'VR' Model

In addition to the information on this page, if you haven't read it already, we also suggest that you check out the improvements we have made to the whole chicago range - you can do this on the Chicago Models page.

Whats so special about the ‘VR’?

Its an all round, use anywhere, in any situation trumpet.

Its not to heavy. Its superbly balanced and very focused.

Its free-blowing, easy to play with no vices.

Its got plenty of power, it can be subtle, it can cut and it can blend in a section.

Its an ML (.460”) Bore, so it’ll feel familiar to most players very quickly.

Its got the same fast, quiet, silky valve section as all the other Chicago models.


Its got bags of ‘Character’, that essence sadly missing from many modern trumpets.

To see and hear the Chicago VR model used in a classical church setting click the links: Video 1 Video 2

Chicago VR
Chicago VR
Chicago VR Chicago VR

That’s what does. There are going to be questions.

Is it a ‘proper’ Chicago Model?

Yes, absolutely. The construction is the same as the bigger belled variants. The valve section and detailing are the same. From 2011 onward the Chicago VR has a the same ergonomic improvements as the rest of the Chicago range (see main Chicago trumpets page). The slightly lower price is due to the smaller bell and leadpipe assemblies are easier to make. This saves us a bit of manufacturing time which we can pass on to the customer as a cost saving. All the finish and custom options apply to the VR as well as the rest of the Chicago models.

Chicago X Lite
Chicago X Lite

Anything new and radical about this Taylor Chicago ‘VR’ trumpet?

Well, yes. This horn was developed to use a reversed leadpipe. The apparent advantages are well documented. However the flaw in the concept is that it can leave this area of the trumpet structurally weak. The trumpet is less rigid around the top leg of the tuning slide area and prone to damage easily.

The Taylor Chicago ‘VR’ fixes this by careful engineering. It uses the inherent strength of the one-piece machined leadpipe, strategically positioned bracing and a strong high temperature solder joint at the vulnerable point. The result is a reverse leadpipe that is as strong as most non-reversed systems.

Chicago VR Chicago VR

Will I have to use the Taylor Mouthpiece?

Not if you don’t want to. Use whatever you feel most comfortable with. The Taylor mouthpiece has a little more mass and its backbore is a match to the trumpet, but due to the lighter weight and thinner receiver section of this trumpet it will still give excellent results with most regular mouthpieces.

Chicago VR Chicago VR

Why aren’t the other Taylor Chicago’s Models like this one?

Because the other Chicago models, which are mostly bigger and heavier than this particular model, are designed to play a certain way. Usually with a darker tone and a wider power band, more a soloist instrument than a general-purpose horn.

The big brothers to the ‘VR’ use a bigger, heavier bell and a wider flare end. This alters the projection and dispersion characteristics. This is great in a more intimate, personal setting, but not always so comfortable to use in a section. The Taylor Chicago ‘VR’ is designed to have just the right amount of sizzle to be used comfortably in all mainstream environments, big band, soul band, school band, salsa band, and even the symphony orchestra!

That about covers most of it. So now you have a choice.

A Taylor that’ll do everything your B**h, Y***ha or S****ke will do, and more. And all that at such a competitive price.

Fill in the inquiry form or give us a ring to find out how to get to play on one.


Chicago VR

Bore ML (.460”)
Valves Stainless steel
Bell Diameter 130mm (nominal)
Bell Material Yellow brass (Red brass optional)
Bell Thickness Standard gauge
Leadpipe Machined one piece (reverse configuration)
Cap Set Heavyweight
Tuning Slides Regular thickness tube
Construction Unstressed
Bracing Standard

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